The Amateur Scrolls is Still Online?

The Amateur Scrolls is still online? Obviously project development has died, but it surprised me to see it still around. That was the first game I ever worked on. I was a tremendous fan of Daggerfall and could not wait six years for the release of the next Elder Scrolls game; and I found people online with the same impatience and unrealistic idealism, believing we could create a game of equal scope with a team of less than ten people. Genius!

Yeah—that didn’t work out. But the XL Engine team is doing a terrific job. It tempts me to re-install Daggerfall—which Bethesda lets you download for free now—and create a new character. But I have things to do, so….

If this is the last time I ever update this blog, then that means I re-installed Daggerfall.

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