Making Games for Money

Lately I have thought about the issue of profit, DLC, micro-transactions—those things from the perspective of a developer making games. I constantly see rage on the Internet from gamers who bitterly hate game companies charging them money for additional content. No one ever seems sympathetic to the fact that game developers actually need to earn a living. Of course, the issue is not so black-and-white in reality; most game studios are not sleazy money-grubbing businesses and most gamers are not entitled jack-asses who believe all of these prices are so unfair. So I wanted to write about my thoughts on those issues strictly from the perspective of a developer.

But Cliff Bleszinski beat me to it. Gamers on the Internet are flaming Cliffy B to Hell and back for that one. I guess it’s a painful pill for some people to swallow, but there is also a ton of truth behind what he says. I recommend giving it a read.


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