Request for Feedback on a DSL

Previously I have mentioned the visual-novel engine (LNVL) that my friends and I are using in our game. That engine provides a domain-specific language (DSL) that we use for writing story scripts. But we do not plan on restricting the engine only to our game. We intend to release LNVL to the community for other games to freely use, and we plan to do the same with other chunks of our game that could benefit other developers.

Yesterday I made a lot of changes to LNVL in an effort to trim fat from its domain-specific language. So now I would appreciate any feedback from people regarding its design and how easy or difficult it may be to use, aspects that are confusing, anything like that. The goal is for people to be able to use the DSL without any prior knowledge of computer programming, so I would also greatly appreciate comments from people who are not familiar with Lua or with programming in general.

If you have time please give it a look and leave a comment, or email me. Thanks in advanced!


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