Autojump: A Better ‘cd’

I spend a lot of my programming time at my terminal and changing between directories is perhaps the most common terminal activity ever. So today I simply want to plug Autojump, a terrific add-on for GNU Bash and Zsh that provides a faster way to change directories. Autojump basically keeps track of where you cd to around your computer and lets you revisit directories more quickly by ‘jumping’ to them with commands like j. So for instance if I often cd to the directory /home/eric/Projects/SomeLongName/AndModule, using Autojump I can simply type j andmod to get there. I don’t need to type out the entire name of what I want.

If you use Bash or Zsh then consider giving Autojump a try, especially if you frequently use the terminal. I honestly don’t know how much time it is saving me, but I certainly feel like I’m navigating around more quickly because of it.


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