Git Branch Notes

I will admit it: this post is nothing more than a plug for a program I wrote a year ago. It allows you to keep a database of notes about branches in a Git repository. I find it useful for projects that I maintain, such as PHP Mode. I use git branch-notes to keep track of important information for branches, such as things I need to carefully review, tests to double-check, potential conflicts with other feature branches, and so on. The program keeps these notes in an SQLite database and displays them in Markdown format, simply because I use Markdown for much of what I write.

I often use git notes, which honestly can do everything my own script can and more. But I still find git branch-notes personally useful since it focuses on keeping notes for entire branches and not specific commits or other Git objects. Thus I wanted to mention and share the program in case anyone else finds it useful for maintaining repositories with a lot of branches.


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