Twin Peaks as an Atari 2600 Game

Recently I was re-watching Twin Peaks to help me think about how to structure something about the presentation of the narrative for the game I’ve been working on. Not because I am aiming for any David Lynch surrealism—I’ll write about it another day. But during the course of my ‘research’ I had to stop and ask, “Was there ever a ‘Twin Peaks’ video game?”

Turns out there was—sort of: Black Lodge 2600

It is worth downloading simply for the instruction book alone, which beautifully captures the texture of classic video game manuals. Don’t read beyond the huge spoiler warning if you don’t want the plot of the show ruined. But the show also aired in 1990, so if you don’t know who killed Laura Palmer by now…. That’s a television ‘Aeris dies’.

At any rate, I just wanted to share this fun nugget of fandom gaming, which I found hilariously entertaining. So much so that it completely derailed my intentions to write a much longer post I had in mind.


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