List GitHub Forks From the Command-Line

I live with a degenerative disease that often screws up the amount of sleep I get, particularly from certain medications I take. Sometimes they cause hypersomnia and sometimes, like now, insomnia. And how do I typically deal with insomnia? By programming of course.

I am fortunate and grateful that some people consider my open-source projects on GitHub worth forking. For some time I wanted to write a simple command-line utility that would give me a list of all forks for any arbitrary project; the long-term goal is to build other useful utilities on top of that. I sat down and wrote the git-ls-github-forks program since I could not sleep, and so I wanted to share it.

The program provided a perfect reason to use Stephen Dolan’s terrific jq program, which made me happy. I plan to write an article about that tool one day. Until then, if you need to process JSON then check out his program because it is excellent for that. And hopefully some of you will find my little Git utility useful as well.


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