Changing Release Plans for PHP Mode

Version 1.10 of PHP Mode came out on the 4th of February. Version 1.11 came out on the 12th of July. I am not happy with myself as the project maintainer for that long delay. PHP programmers using GNU Emacs depend on PHP Mode; I am not saying that to make myself sound important, because I’m not, but the project is important.

Therefore I am adopting a different plan for version 1.12, currently under development. It will be the first version during my tenure as project maintainer that has a hard release date. PHP Mode 1.12 will be available on the 1st of September, period. A fatal ‘crashes all of PHP Mode and/or Emacs’ bug is the only thing that will delay that release.

The community of PHP Mode users have been fantastically helpful in both reporting bugs and fixing them, as well as introducing improvements. People like François-Xavier Bois, author of the great Web Mode, have also generously volunteered their time on PHP Mode. I recently spoke about how I will not be maintaining PHP Mode forever. So I want to attempt this hard-release-date approach at least once to see how well it works or how poorly it fails, as it will provide great advice for me to give to the future project maintainer.

Fingers-crossed that it will help streamline the improvements and bug fixes in PHP Mode by giving me a firm reason to get off my ass and address issues for users.


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