Esperanto-English Dictionary Tool

I recently begin studying Esperanto again, devoting twenty-five minutes a day to the task. I spent some time studying the language years ago and recently came across my old Esperanto dictionary. And that set off the spark that has led me to relearn the language.

I figured there were good Esperanto dictionaries online, and there are. The best I found was ESPDIC by Paul Denisowski. The dictionary is a single text file, meaning to get a lot of use from it I needed to make a knife with which to chop it up. So I did.

The program—VortSerĉilo, literally ‘word finding tool’—is a Python script that lets me search for parts of words at the beginning of entries, and the end of them, or just anywhere at all. Currently it only translates from Esperanto to English. I do not care enough to write code so that it also support English to Esperanto. However, version 2.0.0 will have a GUI, for people who do not like using the command line.

The percentage of people on the Internet searching for a program like VortSerĉilo has to be so incredibly low that I do not expect any to use this program. But I wanted to share it anyways, like always.


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