Ton of Color Themes for Emacs 24

I don’t think I let more than two weeks pass without changing my desktop theme, which causes a trickle-down effect where I change themes for various programs to match my desktop. And of course Emacs is one such program.

For years Color-Theme was the most common way people created and shared Emacs color themes. However, Emacs 24 introduced the new deftheme system. You could still use the previous library, but personally the juxtaposition of it and the new theme system annoyed me. I wanted to use only the new system but didn’t want to give up all of the themes available via the old library. Which is why I was ecstatic to find this:

All of the old themes but now usable with M-x customize-themes and the rest of Emacs’ new theme system. My endless thanks to Syohei Yoshida for his work on that. Now I won’t have to agonize so much every week or two about not having an Emacs theme that fits nicely with the rest of my desktop’s appearance. Or I could stop being so fickle about themes in general, but eh—that’s not going to happen.


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