Asking for Keyboard Suggestions

I need to purchase a new keyboard, as my current one broke, and this is the one I’m considering. But I wanted to make this post asking for any suggestions about other keyboards. Two notes:

  1. I need an ergonomic keyboard because they are much easier to use for health reasons.

  2. I don’t care that much about price, not because I’m rich or anything, but because I value a good keyboard. In my mind the keyboard is the second most important piece of hardware for a programmer, after the computer itself. So I feel it’s completely reasonable to spend a few hundred dollars on something I’m going to use for thousands of hours.

So if anyone has any recommendations about other good ergonomic keyboards then I’d greatly appreciate suggestions and comments.

5 thoughts on “Asking for Keyboard Suggestions

    1. Good to hear another vote in favor of the TEK. For the past five or six years I was using a Kinesis Pro Advantage, which broke (due to accidentally dropping something on it). One reason I’m thinking about getting a TEK this time is it seems like it would be easier to take along with me and my laptop, as I’m often going from place to place, so it looks like the better of the two in that regard.

      1. Yes, it seems like a much easier thing to bring along than any other keyboard (for size, not sure about weight), especially when also detaching the palm rest (screwdriver needed), but I haven’t actually tried it myself for fear of damaging it.

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