Releasing Luvent 1.0.0

Here’s another Sunday where I failed to finish my Book of the Week: “Object-Oriented Software Construction” by Bertrand Meyer. I spent all of last week out of town and mentally buried in game development. And as a result I did not afford myself enough time to read the last quarter of the book. In the process of that development, though, I released the first stable version of Luvent.

So today I wanted to make this short post about that release, hoping to garner feedback from other developers—not just game developers, any programmers. Event-driven programming (EDP) feels like a naturally useful paradigm for game development. So it makes me wonder how other developers feel about it, e.g. how far do you go with EDP? It is terrific for input-handling loops and such, but how much value, for games at least, is there in stretching the concept into the breadth of complex event processing? That is the mental water I’m currently treading in my own game, and likely will be writing more on it soon.


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