Git Extras

Everyone I know who uses Git long enough begins creating their own aliases. I have even written about my own aliases in previous blog posts. Some people use aliases to cut down on typing, e.g. I use git auam as an alias for git add -u :/ && git commit --amend --reuse-message=HEAD. Other people use aliases to invoke utilities or services outside of Git, such as Most of us sit somewhere in the middle.

That is why today, with this brief post, I wanted to introduce you to Git Extras. It is a collection of utilities for Git which you can use via aliases (or you can install all of them at once). I have actually been using Git Extras for a couple of months; I wanted to see if it actually felt useful before advocating and promoting it. And I concluded that Git Extras is a treasure chest of usefulness. It provides commands for such actions as:

  • Automatically setting up and creating GitHub pages.

  • Creating a Zip file of the current state of a repository, e.g. to upload for release.

  • Removing files completely, including all traces of their history and patches in previous commits. (Great when you screw up and commit private information like a password.)

  • Automatically creating a changelog.

  • Creating, merging, and managing branches in a popular style.

And there’s a lot more. So all fellow Git users, take the time to check out Git Extras. There are enough utilities there that a lot of you will find a least a couple of them worth integrating into your workflow.

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