Ubuntu 13.10 Review Kind-of, Sort-of

Yesterday I upgraded my laptop to the latest version of Ubuntu. It is something I’ve done every six months, without fail, for the last six and a half years. I always like to give my thoughts each time.

Fixed One Thing, Broke Another

The upgrade to 13.10 screwed up my Japanese input method editor and I had to reconfigure that, and my language input settings in general. And it broke the desktop tweaking tool I was using for customization. On the other hand, a few full-screen games that would crash under Wine now work fine. And pausing a song in Rhythmbox no longer locks up the application.

Besides that I have not really noticed anything different. No obvious changes in performance or functionality. I thought this version would be significant for switching to Mir but Canonical pushed that back to the 14.04 release. I think the choice of Mir over Wayland is a poor decision, to put it as kindly as I possibly can. But I was still curious to see what Mir would bring to the table since working on games has made me care more about the graphics stack on my computer.

Alas, that will have to wait until next April. I’ll probably write some seething rant about how unfavorably I think of Mir way before then though. In the mean time I’m just going to keep using this operating system that feels like the same one I upgrade to six months ago, and six months before that.


One thought on “Ubuntu 13.10 Review Kind-of, Sort-of

  1. At work I’ve been using Ubuntu (as opposed to Mint at home), but I’m not a big fan of Unity so I’ve been running with Cinnamon instead. If you haven’t tried this out, I highly recommend it, it’s a lot more like “classic” gnome but with all of the extra stuff that Mint has been working on over the years. (and there really aren’t any issues with running it on Ubuntu that I’ve noticed)

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