Wanted: New Emacs PHP Mode Maintainer

Yet another Sunday where I am not writing about my ‘Book of the Week’ because I did not finish reading it in time. Which is indicative of the fact that I just do not have as much free time as before. But the main point of this post that I want to step down from maintaining PHP Mode, something I previously announced on the project’s issue tracker.

I will release the next version of PHP Mode on December 1st, which is already a month later than my original plan. I do not intend to simply up-and-abandon the project. However, I would like the project to have a new maintainer by the new year, because I no longer feel like I have the necessary time to invest into the project.

So anyone interested, please let me know.


6 thoughts on “Wanted: New Emacs PHP Mode Maintainer

  1. I am interested, but I have not much programming experience, sometimes I did fiddling around with php, I do some little work with Perl, and on course of learning python, by profession I am a system administrator’ and am with emacs from quite some time say an year, looking forward for mentors to guide me, I would surely like to work on it given an opportunity.

    1. Working on an Emacs major mode is a great way to learn, in my experience, as there are plenty of helpful people out there. Something that helped me was writing a couple of modes from scratch for small things, like BBCode (even though that was reinventing the wheel). But just contributing to an existing project is also a great way to learn and gain experience, which is true of a lot more than just Emacs Lisp.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I’d be delighted to take over this project. I am a veteran PHP developer and emacs is my natural work environment; I’d love a chance to shape up my elisp skills and contribute to an important project at the same time.

    1. That sounds great Michael. As I’ve said on GitHub I don’t feel like I should choose the next maintainer, but instead guide the userbase to electing someone basically. You definitely sound like you’d be a great maintainer for the project, and hopefully other PHP Mode users will see that.

      1. Very well, I wil take a good look at the last work you’ve done and the current issues. Thank you again for maintaining this great project.

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