‘Where You At?’

Alright—so it’s been almost a month since I’ve updated my blog. I somehow get a steady stream of traffic, so I’m thankful for that. But I owe everyone an explanation as to just where the Hell I’ve been.


One of my most time-consuming tasks has been writing the script for LAVO, the game I’ve been working on for the better part of two years. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a step that should come first. However, Jeff and I (the other co-creator) have spent more time world-building than we have actually crafting a narrative. Details about that world continuously pour into an ever-growing wiki, and it is from there which I draw my inspiration. This is not to imply that Jeff has no hand in the story; he focuses more on the world-building in the wiki while I work more on the script, but we bounce a lot of ideas off each other.

One particular challenge in writing the script is keeping player knowledge separate from character knowledge. Or to put it another way, the player should be as ignorant as the character. To that end, we never show any scene in which the main character is not present; the player never sees any back-door meetings, secret phone calls, anything of that nature. Surprising character reveals should be equally surprising to the player. And holy Hell is that difficult to balance.


I don’t really hide the fact that I have number of neurological problems: mononeuritis multiplex, myoclonus, dysarthia, and spinocereball axatia (SCA)—all side-effects of SCA. I have spent time away from my blog trying to adjust to those changes. And in turn I have noticed that small things bother me, such as when Jeff and I walk to the nearby gas station and he obviously walks faster than I do, eventually realizing it and having to slow down. Coincedentally, we’ve planned to have a sickly/disabled character for over a year now. And now I have much better idea about how to write her dialog.


Yeah I realize this was a short post. Just wanted to let everyone know I was still here, heh. Finally, if you’re an artist, please contact me at ejmr at plutono dot com.


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