Race the Sun’s Brilliant Leader-Board

Not this horror, Race the Sun, the game. I first played the game on a friend’s PC. But since I rarely play PC games, with one guilty-pleasure exception, I didn’t get to truly sit down and play Race the Sun until this week when it landed on the PlayStation 3 and other consoles.

I’m not going to review it. I’m even assume you know how the game works. Instead I want to write about what is possibly the most brilliant aspect of Race the Sun: the score leader-board.

How is That a Big Deal?

Ok—let me back up and explain one thing about Race the Sun’s gameplay. The ’world’ is broken up into ’regions’ which you progress through sequentially. Region 1 is always the same, as is the case for Region 2, Region 3, and so on. This gives players a chance to explore and experiment in order to find the most point-valuable routes. However, and this is crucial, the world changes every twenty-four hours.

Race the Sun has a daily leader-board. It’s daily because when the world resets it wipes the slate clean. A high score achieved today means nothing tomorrow when every region has a different layout. The game does feature an all-time best score board, but the greatest interest, challenge, and pure fun comes from the daily leader-board. For example, this morning I posted the fourth best score. An hour later somebody dropped me to fifth. To Hell with that asshole!

(Nah I’m sure he’s a great person.)

But this is the type of fun challenge that Race the Sun extols. A daily scoreboard is a simple concept but a brilliant addition. And with no way to see replays of the best scores you are left to your own wits on how to improve your position on the leader-board. It’s ingenious and I love it.

Developers, want to make your competitive score-based game addictive? Then rip-off Race the Sun.


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