Brainstorming Idea

Today I was brainstorming game ideas and thought of a useful practice, which has resulted in surprising sucess. It is simple: write the titles for seventy games. You may wish to tweak the number, but personally I found seventy to be nice. However, I cannot claim credit for this technique. I came across it while watching Game Grumps. It was an idea which Danny Avidan had for coming up with song titles, and I thought it could be eqeally applicable to games. Most entries are duds, but there are a few which show promise. I mean, who wants to play Fifteen Minutes of Real Estate.

Jokes aside, this exercise is not cutting in my time working on L’Astro Vojego, the shmup/RPG hybrid which has come to define the studio my friend Jeff and I are building. I suggest the exercise if you are trying to name anything, not simply games are movies. Then present them to friends to hopefully get some thumbs up on your efforts.

With the holidays coming up I am going to be busy, so do not expect many updates until New Years. In the mean time I am reading a length but so-far great book called Learn AI Game Programming With Lua by David Young, who worked on such games as League of Legends. Like before, this is a review which I’ve been petitioned to write, and humbly accepted. Look for the review no latter than the 26th of December.

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