A New Co-Maintainer for PHP Mode

A couple of friends asked me if I had made any progress in finding a new maintainer for PHP Mode. I am happy to announce that I have. Syohei Yoshida (aka. ’syohex’), author of great packages like git-gutter.el and quickrun.el (which I’ve blogged about before), has graciously taken on a co-maintainer role and in quite proactive fashion. I say “co-maintainer” only because I am still not walking away from PHP Mode. I will continue to review patches and offer my input when I can. But Yoshida has been doing work addressing issue, cleaning up older big reports, and managing pull requests. I trust his judgement to the extent that he can merge pull requests into PHP Mode at his own discretion. So if you submit a patch and find it’s been merged by someone who’s not me—well, that’s why.

So I simply wanted to post this announcement in the event that anyone wonders why ‘syohex’ handling pull requests and responding to bug reports. It’s because he’s the new co-maintainer of PHP Mode. And I’m very, very greatful that he’s taken on this role.

Besides, I couldn’t reject help from a guy who shares my enthusiasm for some classic mid-90’s Japanese rock, heh.


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