Useful Info About JavaScript Frameworks

I’ll get right to the point: if you’re thinking about using a JavaScript framework for applications then you should look at this slick info-graph by Anna Mininkova. It lays out useful data about three popular choices:

  1. AngularJS
  2. Backbone.js
  3. Ember.js

The page deserves a bookmark.

I used to loathe the idea of single-page applications. They smacked of being a horrible mash-up of technologies originally intended for other purposes. Especially HTML. It annoyed me to see HTML used a structure for software when XML seemed the more appropriate choice, via something like XUL. I was even someone who browsed the Web with JavaScript entirely disabled in my browser.

But I eventually accepted that my stubborn attempt to reject the progression of single-page web applications was futile. And so I came around to changing my opinion. Part of it was motivated by the realization that the software world was moving in a direction regardless of what I thought, so my options felt like either embracing the wave or being left behind. But another motivation was the development of frameworks like those mentioned at the top of this article. My experiences writing applications entirely in JavaScript + HTML + CSS left a bad taste in my mouth because I had no tools like those. It was like trying to build a Formula One car from nothing but the parts and pieces of a fax machine, and doing it with nothing but duct tape.

The landscape for single-page JavaScript applications is richer and more stable than it was years ago when I coded such things. For anyone like myself who had negative experiences from the growing pains of that development structure, I recommend giving the idea a second chance, if only for the great tools and frameworks now available.

Finally, thanks to Anna Mininkova for e-mailing me about that info in the first place.


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