Emacs Alternatives for the pastebin Package

When discussing code with people I liked using pastebin to share snippets or files of code. I used Nic Ferrier’s grate Emacs package for sharing such things straight out of Emacs. However, pastebin changed their API not too long ago, thus breaking Ferrier’s package. He doesn’t want to fix it, and I don’t blame him. More importantly, no one should criticize a developer’s decision to walk away from an entirely voluntary project.

So that all being the case, tonight I want to share with some packages I have started to use as replacements. None of them are significantly different in functionality. More than anything they differ with regard to what sites with which they interact.


This package lets you post entire buffers or regions to dpaste.com. It is simple but effective for its purpose. Note, however, that to use dpaste.el you will need to install the curl command-line application.


Next is a package that lets you post to ix.io. Same functionality you’ll find in many of these packages.


If you use GitHub (or not honestly) then you should be aware of ‘gists’. The gist.el package not only allows you to post new gists. It provides a full for managing the gists in your GitHub account. This includes editing existing gists, deleting them, toggling their privacy, and even removing or adding files to the gist. If you often make gists then you should find this package to be damned useful.


This is the only package mentioned in this article which I have yet used. Therefore I cannot speak to its quality, or if it even works with pastebin’s new API. Either way, emacs-pastebin is more like gist.el than the original pastebin package.

If there are any other similar packages you like to use then please mention them by leaving a comment below. In the mean time I hope you find one or more of these packages useful.


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