Links of the Week, W40 2015

The links in bold are those which I consider to be particularly interesting and worth checking out, so this week I decided to place all such links at the top of their respective sections.

Week 40, 2015


  1. Brotli Compression Format.


  1. NASM Mode for Emacs.
  2. TempleOS Assembler. Note: Video.


  1. comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions. Note: I cannot overstate how much of a useful resource this is. I don’t care if you never write code in C, you should still bookmark this link.
  2. C99 Trie Library.
  3. Public Domain JSON Parser.
  4. Bit Twiddling Hacks.
  5. Object-Oriented Techniques in C.
  6. Print Music Metadata Using Format Strings.


  1. Simple, Portable Parallel C++ with Hemi 2 and CUDA 7.5.
  2. Debugging With GDB: A Real-Life Example.
  3. Stupid Template Tricks: Template Assembler.
  4. Microsoft’s Implementation of the Guidelines Support Library.
  5. Using Non-Blocking and Asynchronous I/O (CK10 Problem) on Linux and Windows.
  6. RFC: Joint Thought on Resumable Functions and Expressions.


  1. Material Design in XAML.


  1. 20 Cool Clojure Functions.

Command Line

  1. SAWS: Supercharged AWS Command-Line Interface.
  2. Amazon S3 Tools.
  3. Liquid Prompt: Bash and zsh.


  1. ScyllaDB: High-Performance Rewrite of Apache Cassandra.
  2. Handling Circular Data Structures in PostgreSQL.


  1. Megapole by RSI: MS-DOS, 256 Bytes.

Dungeons and Dragons

  1. ‘Twenty-Sided Tale’ by Shamus and Heather Young.


  1. EmacSQL: High-Level Interface to SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Related blog post by the author.
  2. Skewer: Live Web Development in Emacs.
  3. Emacs Lisp Foreign Function Interface.
  4. On-the-fly Evaluation and Substitution of Emacs Lisp Code.
  5. Finalizers for Emacs Lisp.
  6. Huffman Coding in Emacs Lisp.
  7. Easily Hook SBCL’s ed to Emacs.
  8. Emacs Fast Start.
  9. 64-Bit GNU Emacs for MS Windows with Optimization.
  10. Utilities for Opening GitHub.


  1. **Elixir v1.1.0 released.
  2. Ecto: DSL for Writing Queries and Interacting with Databases. Example Using PostgreSQL.


  1. 8th version 1.1.3 released.
  2. PDF: Forth Coding Practices for High Quality, Maintainable Software.


  1. PyDwarf: Create Mods for Dwarf Fortress in Python. Tutorial.
  2. Stunt Rally: A Free Rally Racing Game With Editor.
  3. 1px. Note: Uses LÖVE.
  4. Hextris.
  5. termtris.

Game Design and Development

  1. The Yae Game Engine.
  2. Fundamentals of Tutorial Design.
  3. Collection of Unity Game Development Links.
  4. Procedural Island Generation.
  5. Cactus Reborn: Engine for Text-Based Adventure Games.
  6. Rocket Shooter Game: Simple Game for Novice Python Programmers.
  7. st8.lua: Tiny Double-Stacked State Management for LÖVE.
  8. Tutorial for 16-bit, x86 DOS Assembly Language Game Programming.
  9. Programming the MSU1 in the SNES.


  1. libgit2: Pure C Library Implementing the Core of Git.
  2. GitLab 8.0 released.
  3. GitHub Engineering: Counting Objects.
  4. Awesome Git.


  1. Display Updates for Packages in your GOPATH.
  2. Querybag: Load All SQL Files in a Directory for Easier Access.
  3. Golang Performance Tips.
  4. Algorithms in Golang.
  5. Simple, Powerful Logging Library.


  1. Doing Graphics Hardware Acceleration with Microkernels.


  1. How I Ended Up Writing a New Real-Time Kernel.
  2. TKernel: Compact, Fast Real-Time System for Embedded Microprocessors.


  1. Herbie GHC Plugin: Improve [Numerical Stability]( in Haskell.
  2. Detecting Space Leaks.
  3. A QuickCheck Tutorial: Generators.
  4. Darcs Internals, Part 1: Typesafe Directed Datastructures.
  5. Haskell Find.
  6. Megaparsec.
  7. Symbolic Calculus in Haskell.


  1. Clean Code with Value Objects.
  2. Better Java: Resources for Writing Modern Java.
  3. Feather: Lightweight Dependency Injection (JSR-330) Library for Java and Android.


  1. tty.js: Terminal in the Browser.
  2. Linux PC Emulator in JavaScript.
  3. Make ES6, Not Coffee.
  4. Tiny Library for DOM Selections.
  5. Nicole: Integrate JavaScript into JSF.
  6. JSON Lines Text File Format.
  7. eslisp. Related: The ESTree Spec.


  1. pybib: Super-Easy Way to Get BibTeX Entries.


  1. Introduction to Kernel Development.
  2. Memory Scanner for Linux.
  3. Video: Introducing GNOME 3.18.
  4. FUSE-Based File System Backed by Amazon S3.


  1. The Javelin Programming Language: Minimal Lisp on the JVM.
  2. Jatha: Common Lisp Library in Java.
  3. Sequence Iterators in Common Lisp.
  4. newLISP.
  5. Arc and Anarki.
  6. Hy: Lisp Embedded in Python.
  7. Examples of Lisp Code Typography.


  1. Lua Unofficial FAQ.
  2. Slither: OOP Library That Mimics Python Classes.
  3. Pokemon: Lua Debugger for QtCreator.
  4. Adding comefrom to LuaJIT.
  5. ljclang: Basic LuaJIT Bindings for Clang (MoonScript).


  1. Learn Number Theory.


  1. FUSE File System for Google Drive.
  2. Bindings for the Brotli Library.


  1. FUSE for OS X.


  1. Development Kit Documentation.
  2. SDK Examples.
  3. Unity Plugin.


  1. redditfs: Maps Subreddits to a File-System via FUSE.
  2. flask_reddit: Extendable Reddit Clone Using the Flask Python Framework.
  3. **Collection of Reddit Bots and Utilities.
  4. RedditKit: Ruby and Objective-C Wrappers for the Reddit API.
  5. Java Wrapper for the Reddit API.
  6. PHP Client for the Reddit API.
  7. Redditate: Simple, Minimal Web Browser Viewer for Reddit.
  8. Cortex: ncurses Reddit Browser.
  9. JavaScript Reddit API for Web Browsers.
  10. Reddit API for .NET.
  11. Minimal, Elastic Reddit Web-App Reader.
  12. AutoModerator: Tool to Automate Moderation Tasks on Reddit.
  13. AlienFeed: Command-Line Interface for Reddit.


  1. Rust and the Monad Trait.
  2. Rust Library for the X Desktop Group Specifications.
  3. Library to Find the Longest Common Substrings.
  4. Linter to Sort extern crate, mod, and use Declarations.
  5. Generic Implementation of Minimax.
  6. Library for Parsing Figtree Documents.
  7. Rebar: Place to Share Rust Crates.


  1. PHP RFC News.
  2. PHP RFC: Short Closures.
  3. Getting Started with Amp.
  4. Destrukt: Immutable Data Structures in PHP. Related blog post.
  5. How to Write Unmaintainable PHP Code.
  6. Swoole: Event-Based, Concurrent Internet Application Framework for PHP, Written in C.
  7. phpcb: PHP Code Benchmark.
  8. Halite: Wrapper for libsodium.


  1. Python Pedia.
  2. ** 4.0 released.
  3. Tracestack: Instantly Search Python Error Messages on the Web.
  4. goto in Python.
  5. Free Book: Python for Scientists.
  6. **Tracking Object Movement with OpenCV.
  7. AFINN Sentiment Analysis. Note: Example usage.
  8. Ten Scikit Case Studies, Examples, and Tutorials.
  9. PEP 0506: Adding a Secrets Module to the Standard Library.
  10. py2pdf: Convert a Python File to a PDF with Syntax Highlighting.
  11. Automating x64dbg Using Python.
  12. Thespian Python Actors.
  13. 11 Python Libraries You Might Not Know.
  14. Run-Time Method Patching.


  1. Functional Scala.


  1. Wisp: Lisp Without the Parentheses (SRFI 119).

Web Development

  1. Hug: Simple Way to Create Web/REST APIs Using Python. Example Project.
  2. Clojure Web Development – State of the Art.
  3. Python Utility for Testing Webhooks.


  1. Igloo: Minimal, Fluent, Object-Oriented Wrapper for WebGL.
  2. Abelian Sand Piles Using WebGL Shaders.


  1. The Greatest Regex Trick Ever.
  2. Urbit: An Operating Function.
  3. qira: QEMU Interactive Runtime Analyzer.
  4. The Morfa Programming Language.
  5. The Bitter Rivalry Behind the World’s Smallest Chess Program.
  6. What Every Computer Science Major Should Know.
  7. Focus: Scheduable Firewall for Distracting Sites.
  8. Brainfuck Visualizer.
  9. Sheepdog: Distributed Storage System for QEMU.
  10. x86-64 Brainfuck Compiler.
  11. Card-Counting Tool and Simulator for Blackjack.
  12. jasl: Just Another Scripting Language.
  13. Genealogical Tree of All Living Things.
  14. GNU Taler: Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserve.
  15. The Wildflower Programming Language. Note: IDE for touch devices.
  16. Free and Open Database for Farming and Gardening Knowledge.
  17. Zulip: Open-Source Chat Server and Client.
  18. Halide: Programming Language for Image Processing and Computational Photography.


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