Links of the Week, W41 2015

Another Sunday and another weekly collection of links. New to the series is the Game Trailers category. And if you are only going to read one article from this list—especially you game developers—then make it this one.

Week 41, 2015

APL, J, and K

  1. PDF: APL5500: The Language and its Implementation.
  2. K Programming Language.
  3. iKe: Browser-Based IDE for oK. Note: [Source code].


  1. Filter Script for x86-64 Machine Code.


  1. mdb: Numeric Time-Series Database (C++11).


  1. Clink: GNU Readline Support for Windows cmd.exe.
  2. saldl: In-Order, Multi-Connection CLI Downloader.
  3. How to Make a CLI Typewriter.
  4. Mosh: The Mobile Shell.
  5. CLI for WordPress.


  1. Working With Files.
  2. Vector Swizzle.
  3. Simple sgio Library.


  1. MySQLTuner: Help Configure MySQL for Increased Performance and Stability.
  2. SQLCipher: 256-Bit AES Encryption for SQLite.


  1. Spaceline: Powerline Theme from Spacemacs.
  2. SQLite Utilities.
  3. Package to Read and Post Gists on GitHub.
  4. Hublo: A Static Site Generator in Emacs Lisp.
  5. Nameframe: Manage Frames by Name. Note: Currently in "very alpha" quality in the words of the author.
  6. MicroEMACS Quick Reference. Note: MicroEMACS as maintained in the Linux kernel repositories.
  7. Anzu v0.57 released.
  8. Vimish Fold.


  1. Nestopia UE.

Games and Game Studios

  1. From Here to Eternity.
  2. AFlat Miner Studios.

Game Design and Development

  1. PDF: Original Design Document for Wipeout.
  2. Doing an HD Remake the Right Way.
  3. Dungen: Simple Dungeon Generation in the Browser.
  4. The Gory Story of Doom’s 3DO Nightmare. Note: The source code.
  5. The Big List of Game Documentaries.
  6. Awesome LÖVE.
  7. Lume: Collection of Lua Functions for Game Development.
  8. A Plase to Host Your MUD, MUSH, et al..
  9. RedditSouls: A Dark Souls Combat System in Unreal Engine 4.
  10. Skeletal Animation for Games in Haskell.
  11. Asymmetry in Games.
  12. Microsoft Acquires Havok.

Game Trailers

  1. Doom 4.
  2. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.


  1. Git v2.6.0 released.
  2. GitHub Large File Support Released.
  3. git reset Demystified.
  4. Some Git Internals.


  1. Gsp: Lisp Compiler in Go. Related Project.
  2. gofuzz: Library for Fuzzy Testing.
  3. configr: Application Configuration Library.
  4. Library for ICS Calendar Files.


  1. Practical Probabilistic Programming with Monads. Note: Source code.


  1. Free Javadoc Hosting for any Central Maven Repository Project.
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Use the Double-Brace Initializer.


  1. fetchival.js: Easy Fetch Requests.
  2. Yolk: Library for Asynchronus User Interfaces.
  3. Matreshka Framework.
  4. PhantomJS: Headless, Scriptable WebKit.
  5. Preview a Set of gl-texture Instances.
  6. Rune.js: Library for Graphic Design Using SVG.
  7. Introduction to Jspm.
  8. Gatsby: A React.js-Based Static Site Generator.
  9. SQLite Compiled to JavaScript.
  10. Node.js Bindings for SQLite.
  11. JSCS: JavaScript Code Style Checker.
  12. Nip: Pipe Input and Output Through JavaScript. Node: Nip is effectively a version of sed or awk which uses JavaScript.


  1. Namespaces in Operation.
  2. Timers in the Linux Kernel, Part 1.
  3. Holy Build Box: Build Cross-Platform Linux Binaries.
  4. The Magic of strace.
  5. Fbterm: Fast FrameBuffer-Based Terminal Emulator.
  6. Command-Line Tips.


  1. Getting Places.
  2. Geneva: Portable Document Preparation System. Note: Making-of article.
  3. Zap.


  1. A+ Promises.
  2. Lovecat: Editing Game Parameters in the Browser.
  3. LLUI: LuaJIT Linux User Interface.
  4. Delaunay Triangulation of Convex Polygons.
  5. API for Nesting Coroutines.
  6. C3 Superclass Linearization.
  7. Interface to libusb.
  8. Bindings for Firebase’s REST API.
  9. Leroy: An IRC Bot Using LuaSocket.
  10. Straight-Forward Set Library.

Mobile Development

  1. greenDAO: Android ORM for SQLtie.
  2. Replicator: Bootstrapped ClojureScript REPL for Android.


  1. FMDB: Cocoa, Objective-C Wrapper Around SQLite.

Operating Systems

  1. Qubes OS 3.0 released.
  2. Glidix: Experimental UNIX Clone for x86-64.
  3. Trinix: Hobby, Hybrid x86 Operating System Written in D.


  1. Lotus v0.5.0 released.


  1. Redox, an Operating System in Rust.
  2. Get Data From a URL.
  3. QuickCheck.
  4. Survey of Licenses Used by Rust Projects on
  5. How to Print a Struct.
  6. Manual Stack Profiling Library.


  1. Secret Operators and Constants.


  1. PHP 7.0.0 RC4 released.
  2. Rest in Peace, Alex King.
  3. Hoa: Useful Collection of Libraries.
  4. PHP 7 Quick Overview.
  5. Create Your Own PHP Framework.
  6. RFC: Closure From Callable Function.
  7. Using Eloquent and Schema Builder Commands Outside Laravel.
  8. Gatekeeper: Authentication and Authorization Library.
  9. Kint: A Debugging Tool for PHP.
  10. Embed: Get Information From Any Web Page.
  11. Stringy: Multibyte String Manipulation Library.
  12. Phake: PHP Mocking Framework.
  13. PeachySQL: Small, Speedy Database Abstraction Layer.
  14. Phinx: Database Migrations.
  15. Webmozart Console Library.
  16. Consolekit: Library for Creating CLI Applications.
  17. SimpleTest: Unit Testing Framework.


  1. Procedural City Generation.
  2. Python zip() Fu.
  3. Emissary: Microservice for Archiving News.
  4. NeoAPI: REST APIs With neo4j.
  5. Writing a Console Twitter Client.
  6. Using MicroPython for Real-Time Software Development. Note: Official MicroPython site.


  1. Use the Index, Luke. Note: This site is an incredibly useful resource, which I suggest you bookmark even if you rarely use SQL.
  2. format-sql: Make Your SQL Readable.
  3. PostgreSQL EXPLAIN Explained.

Web Development

  1. Frappé: Full-Stack for Web Development Using Python and JavaScript.
  2. Logswan: Web Log Analyzation Using Probabilistic Data Structures.


  1. Windows 10 Development for Absolute Beginners.


  1. Functional Programming Jargon.
  2. A Vim Tutorial and Primer.
  3. Free Lossless Image Format.
  4. The Maturity of Visual Programming.
  5. Caramel: Modern Syntax for Programming With Lambda Calculus.
  6. Luiti: Offline Task Management Software. Note: Source code.
  7. Inweb: Literate Programming Used by Inform.
  8. Hugin: Panorama Photo Stitcher.
  9. Otto: The Successor to Varant. Note: Relevant blog post by authors.
  10. mcfd: Proxy for Encrypting TCP Connections.
  11. Lux Programming Language.
  12. e: The Minimalest Text Editor.

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