Links of Week, W43 2015

My collection of links this weeks contains more about Python than anything else. But this free book is my favorite link of the week, with this also free book being a very close second.

Week 43, 2015


  1. xasm: 6502 Cross-Assembler.

C and C++

  1. z85: ZeroMQ Base-85 Encoding Library.
  2. C and C++ Preprocessor Metaprogramming.
  3. Crawler: Quick Prototiping Platform for Windows (C++11).

Clojure and ClojureScript

  1. Speclj: TDD and BDD Framework.


  1. List of Awsome Command-Line Tools.
  2. Babun: A Linux-Like Console for Windows.
  3. bucket: Like a Manager for Registers or the Clipboard.
  4. look-up: Dictionary on Your Terminal.
  5. clypdown: Downloader for Clyp.
  6. termpdf: PDF Viewer that Works in iTerm2 and tmux. Note: Mac-only.
  7. dottle: POSIX Shell Script to Manage Dotfiles.
  8. mc2: Midnight Commander Scripted With Lua.


  1. SQLite 3.9.0 Released.


  1. ido2helm: Migration Guide.
  2. Y Combinator in Emacs Lisp.


  1. Unicorn Engine Released to the Public.
  2. CHIP-8 Emulator in the Browser.


  1. Tiny Usable Y-Combinator.
  2. foco65: Forth Cross-Compiler Targeting the 6502.


  1. Wanderer.


  1. Flask Web-Application Using D3.js to Show Repository History.


  1. Statistics Package for Golang.
  2. Bootstrapping Go 1.5 on non-Intel Platforms.
  3. Go Forum.
  4. Beginner Thoughts on Go.
  5. Tunnel: Go Channels Which Close Cleanly Without Panic.
  6. linx-server: Self-Hosted File and Media Sharing Website.
  7. gcli: Generate a Skeleton for CLI Applications in Golang.


  1. Re-Renders of the POV-Ray Short Code Contest.
  2. NanoFL: Free Vector and Animation Editor.


  1. EDA Playground: Verilog, VHDL, and More in the Browser.


  1. Conduit: Streaming Data Library. Note: Overview by the author.


  1. λJSON: JSON Extended With Pure Functions.
  2. Drool: Automated Memory Leak Detection.


  1. LTTng: Open-Source Tracing Framework.
  2. sninit: Small Init Implementation for Linux.
  3. keysniffer: Key-Logger as a Kernel Module.
  4. Usercorn: User-Space System Emulator.


  1. Interface to libmemcached.
  2. Extendable Chaining Validation and Filtering Library for Lua and OpenResty.

Operating Systems

  1. The Little Book About OS Development.


  1. Version 7.0.0 RC5 released.
  2. RFC: Void Return Type.
  3. RFC: Trailing Commas in Function Arguments.
  4. Codeception: BDD-Style Testing.
  5. Boris: Tiny, Robust REPL.
  6. belongsToThrough() for Laravel Models.

Programming Languages

  1. Terra: A Low-Level Counterpart to Lua.
  2. Crystal 0.9 Released.
  3. Julia 0.4 Released.
  4. Arc/Nu.

Programming Practices

  1. The Four Pillars of Object-Oriented Design.
  3. The Y Combinator.


  1. Nuitka 0.5.15 released.
  2. pytest.
  3. Rodeo: An IDE for Data Science.
  4. OpenFace: Face Recognition With Google’s FaceNet.
  5. R vs Python for Data Analysis.
  6. **Seaborn: Statistical Data Visualization.
  7. How Properties Help With Refactoring.
  8. Automatically Build and Deploy Sphinx Docs via Travis-CI.
  9. Set Literals.
  10. Keyword Usage Analysis.
  11. 27 Languages to Improve Your Python.
  12. Connectable: Simple Implementation of QT’s Signal/Slot Pattern.
  13. Sondra: ORM and RESTful Framework for Python 3, Flask, and RethinkDB.
  14. Bulk Inserts Performance With Django and PostgreSQL.
  15. Why I Use py.test.
  16. Library for Human-Readable HTTP Status.
  17. Python Utility Scripts for the Kindle eReader.
  18. From Python to Go… and Back Again!
  19. Document Clustering With Python.
  20. Note: Author describes the project as more for humor than actual use in production code.


  1. Macros.
  2. The Little Book of Rust Macros.
  3. cargo-edit: Commands to Add and List Dependencies.
  4. Rusoto: AWS Client Libraries.
  5. Writing a Scalable Chat Service From Scratch.
  6. Stuff the Identity Function Does.
  7. daggy: Directed Acyclic Graph Data Structure.
  8. Library for Computing B-Splines.
  9. Plumbum: Port of the Haskell Library conduit. Note: See above for links re. Conduit.
  10. Wrapper and Bindings for libhdfs.
  11. Implementation of the Rose Tree Data Structure.
  12. MIO: Metal IO Library.


  1. Turtle Implemented With Gauche-tk.


  1. Tiny Library to Generate Random Data.

TeX and LaTeX

  1. arara: TeX Automation Tool.

Web Development

  1. Let’s Learn GraphQL.
  2. HTTP/2 Support for Apache.
  3. Martini: Classy Web Development in Golang.
  4. Exposé: Static Site Generator for Photo and Video Albums


  1. QT 5.5.1 released.
  2. A Linter for Prose.
  3. Cache is the New RAM.
  4. Mattermost: Open-Source Team Communication Service. Note: Relevant blog post.
  5. FreeBSD Userland Coredumps.
  6. ReoCities: An Archive for GeoCities.


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