Links of the Week, W44 2015

Lately I have been doing more work in Python and PHP, so this week you will see more links for those two languages than anything else. As always I hope you find something useful and/or interesting!

Week 44, 2015


  1. Clojure for the Brave and True.
  2. Playing With Chaos.

C and C++

  1. startc: Minimal Free-Standing C Library for Bare-Metal i386 Development.
  2. IncludeOS: Small Operating System Library Oriented for Cloud Services.
  3. JavaCPP: Efficient Access to C++ Code From Java.


  1. Impala: Simple, Extensible Bytecode Interpreter.
  2. Datalog for Trees.


  1. shellshare: Live Terminal Broadcast.
  2. ConsoleZ: A Fork of Console 2 With Improved Windows Support.
  3. SUq: Scraping Utility for Lazy People. Note: Also usable as a JavaScript library.
  4. tmux 2.1 released. Note: tmux for developers.
  5. prettyping.
  6. tplot: Perodically Plot Values from Standard Output.
  7. TermFeed: Minimal RSS Reader.
  8. davail: Determine if a Domain Name is Available.
  9. mimic: Convert ASCII to Obscure Unicode Homographs.
  10. Steel: CLI Password Manager.
  11. httpie: A CLI HTTP Client That Will Make You Smile.
  12. cmus: Console Music Player for *NIX Operating Systems.


  1. What PostgreSQL Has Over Other Open-Source SQL Databases: Part 1.
  2. Weird Tricks to Write Faster, More Correct Database Queries.
  3. Secondary Indexing With Redis.


  1. Trix: A Rich Text Editor for Everyday Writing.
  2. The Leo Editor.


  1. Helm: A Package in a League of its Own.
  2. Use Aliases to Increase Productivity.
  3. ascii-art-to-unicode.el.
  4. Interactive Macro-Expander.


  1. Forthwith Swift: Adding Forth’s Type-Safety and Readability to Swift.
  2. Introduction to strongForth.

Game Development

  1. The State of Indie Gaming.
  2. The Four Phases of Game Development.


  1. Restoration of Defocused and Blurred Images.
  2. ASCIIFlow: Web Application for Drawing ASCII Diagrams.


  1. SQL in the Type System Where it Belongs.
  2. Slides: Generate Slides From Haskell Code.
  3. Argon: Monitor Cyclomatic Complexity.
  4. Fun With Haxl.
  5. Unnecessary Particularity Considered Harmful.


  1. Functional Reactive Programming in Java.
  2. Annotation Processor for Algebraic Data Types, Pattern Matching, and More.
  3. Functional Java.
  4. fugue: Java 8 Library for Functional Programming.


  1. jsck: JSON Schema Compiled checK. Note: The JSON Schema.
  2. Simple Init System for Node.
  3. ECMAScript 7 Async Functions, A Step in the Wrong Direction.


  1. Timers in the Linux Kernel, Part 3.


  1. Reader Macros in Common Lisp.
  2. Or=.


  1. Lua Syntaxer.
  2. Implementation of SMTPS.
  3. Classic: Class and Module System.


  1. gping: ping with a Graph.
  2. An IPv4 Router Over netmap for FreeBSD.
  3. Nucleon: Dynamic Load Balancer.

Operating Systems

  1. Kernel 101: Let’s Write a Kernel.


  1. A Gopher Server in Perl 6.


  1. The PHP Quality Assurance Toolchain.
  2. Aerys: Non-Blocking HTTP/1.1 Application, Web-Socket, and Static File Server. Note: Getting started.
  3. awesome-slim: Links for the Slim Microframework.
  4. Patchwork: PHP 5.4+ Full-Stack Web Framework.
  5. Nest: Get and Set Values in Nested Arrays and Objects.
  6. RedBeanPHP: Simple, Easy ORM.
  7. The Kohana Framework.
  8. Prophiler: Profiler and Developer Toolbar.
  9. Blink: Framework for Long-Running, High-Performance Web Services.
  10. 8 CMS: A CMS in Eight Lines of PHP.
  11. php-activerecord: ORM Based on ActiveRecord.
  12. Xyster: PHP Appliction Framework.
  13. F3: Small, Easy PHP Microframework.
  14. The Outlet ORM.
  15. Flourish: PHP Unframework.
  16. PHPMailer: Classic Email Library.
  17. Saffron: PHP Router.
  18. Phony: Mocks, Stubs, and Spies.
  19. Input: PHP Input Validation Framework.
  20. Java Integration in PHP.
  21. Beanstalk Connection Library.
  22. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to SQL Injection Protection.

Programming Languages

  1. HHVM 3.10 Released.
  2. ChucK : Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly Music Programming Language.
  3. Kotlin 1.0 Beta Released.
  4. Mythryl. Note: Sad news regarding the author.
  5. Luna.
  6. FemtoForth.
  7. Dotty: Research Platform and Compiler for Scala.


  1. Twenty-Seven Languages to Improve Your Python.
  2. Automatic SIMD Vectorization in PyPy.
  3. Jython 2.7.1 Beta 2 Released.
  4. Ming: ORM for MongoDB.
  5. pomegranate: Package for Graphical Models and Bayesian Statistics.
  6. Flit: Simple Way to Publish to PyPI.
  7. Introduction to the Asyncio Stack.
  8. The Python Compiler Infrastructure.
  9. Visual Guide to Objects and Classes.
  10. Five Different Methods to Use an else Block.
  11. The Problem With Packaging.
  12. English Dictionary Bot for Telegram. Note: Official Telegram Site.
  13. pytest-mock.
  14. The Story of MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit.
  15. Don’t Use Pickle, Use Camel.
  16. Helicase: Simulate Genetic Operations on DNA.
  17. Enforce: Runtime Type-Checking.
  18. Chromote: Python Wrapper to Drive Google Chrome.


  1. tco: Framework for Coloring Terminal Output. Note: Usable outside of Ruby, and relevant blog article.


  1. Rust and Swift.
  2. Examples on How to Use Rust Libraries From Other Languages.
  3. Library to Capture Metrics in Applications.
  4. Creating a C API for a Rust Library.
  5. Things I Learned From Rust.
  6. Typenum: Compile-Time Numbers.
  7. A Simple Raytracer.
  8. Building an SQL Database With Ten Beginners. Note: Source code for project in the article.
  9. Rust Examples.
  10. Using a Rust DLL From C#.


  1. SRFI 127: Lazy Sequences.


  1. Airtable: Modern Database for Organizing Things.
  2. Let’s Encrypt.
  3. Hubzilla.
  4. Metabase.


  1. rr: Lightweight Recording and Deterministic Debugging.
  2. Qafoo Quality Analyzer.

Web Development

  1. Lwan Web Server.
  2. Structor: User-Interface Builder for React.
  3. Facebook Relay: An Evil And/Or Incompetent Attack On REST.
  4. Theamus: CMS Geared Towards Developers.
  5. Chrome Devtools Tips and Tricks.
  6. HTTP has a Type System.
  7. Complete List of MIME Types.
  8. Cowboy Web Server.
  9. Pancake Web Server.
  10. AltCanvas: Primitive Replacement for HTML5’s Canvas.
  11. DiDOM: Simple and Fast HTML Parser in PHP.


  1. Nim for Scientific Computing.
  2. Markdeep: Write Plain-Text Documents that Look Great in Web Browsers
  3. rawcode: New Host for Code Snippets.
  4. Monocle: Optics Lens-ish Scala Library.
  5. NetSurf Web Browser.
  6. Dillo Web Browser.
  7. typedrummer.
  8. Steeb: Download Any Album.
  9. Galley: Orchestrator for Local Docker Containers.
  10. Plex Media Player Released.


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