Links of the Week, W45 2015

This week I found an amazing article on hexagonal grids which I strongly recommend for all game developers. If you only read one link from this week’s list, make it that one. And be sure to check out the hexagon Haskell library by the same author.

Week 45, 2015

APL, J, and K

  1. Ivy: Interpreter for an APL-like Language in Go.


  1. Build Your Own Lisp.
  2. Land of Lisp.

C and C++

  1. x64asm: C++11 Library for Working With x86-64 Assembly.
  2. clang-format Configurator.
  3. nodepp: Modern C++ Event I/O Library.
  4. scal: High-Performance, Multicore-Scalable Data Structures.

Clojure and ClojureScript

  1. Clojure Distilled.
  2. Om: ClojureScript Interface to Facebook’s React.
  3. Javelin: Spreadsheet-like Dataflow Programming in ClojureScript.


  1. explainshell: Match Command-Line Arguments to Help Text.
  2. GitPass: Open-Source Password Management Using GitHub.
  3. Quack: Easily Use Third-Party Source Code.
  4. Pijul: Free, Open-Source Version Control System.
  5. Test Your Internet Connection from the Command-Line.
  6. Xonsh: Python-ish, Bash-ish Shell.
  7. Remove Duplicates and Other Lint from your File-System. Note: Linux-only.


  1. What PostgreSQL has Over Other Open-Source SQL Databases: Part 2.
  2. PostgreSQL on the Command Line.


  1. El Compilador: An SSA-Based Emacs Lisp Compiler.
  2. MightEMacs: Light and Fast Emacs Variant.
  3. QEmacs.
  4. mg: Micro Emacs.
  5. Introduction to Magit. Note: Video.
  6. RSA Cryptography in Emacs Lisp.
  7. camcorder.el: Record Screencasts in Emacs.


  1. Videos on Creating an NES Emulator in C++11: Part 1, Part 2.
  3. Free60: Wiki for Homebrew XBox 360.
  4. UniDOS: MS-DOS Emulator Built on the Unicorn Engine.
  5. Recommend Books on Emulation.
  6. RealBoy.
  7. Cemu: Experimental Nintendo Wii U Emulator.
  8. CHIP-8 Emulator in C.
  9. GBE+: Experimental GameBoy Advance Emulator.
  10. Emulator Programming Forum.


  1. Adding Lambda Expressions to Forth.

Game Design

  1. Eight Tips to Improve Your Game Design Document.

Game Development

  1. Hexagonal Grids.
  2. A Journey Through the CPU Pipeline.
  3. Doom Re-implemented in Rust.
  4. Collection of Commonly Used Cg, HLSL, GLSL Shaders.
  5. Piston Meta Language.
  6. Rocket2: Game Engine in Rust Using Piston.
  7. Learn Rust by Implemented an Old-School Shooter.
  8. STASIS: An Adventure Game Post-Mortem.
  9. Reverse-Engineered Interpreter for "Another World", aka. "Out of This World".
  10. Game-NET: C++11 Network Library With RPC Support.
  11. Libretro: API for Emulators, Games, and Multimedia.


  1. Six Cool Features of the Git 2.X Series.
  2. GDM: Git Dependency Manager.


  1. chi: Small, Fast HTTP Router.


  1. Novena: A Laptop With no Secrets.


  1. Gogol: Comprehensive SDK for Google Services. Note: Relevant article.
  2. Yale Haskell. Note: Download and open src_205.tgz.


  1. Promises.
  2. Must-Watch Videos About JavaScript.
  3. Vue.js 1.0 Released.
  4. Selected.js: Simple, No-Dependency Replacement for . Note: Relevant article by the author.
  5. NodeGit: Asynchronous Bindings to libgit2. Note: Relevant blog article.


  1. String Interpolation for Common Lisp.


  1. Specl: Behavior Driven Development for Lua.
  2. LuaTeX: Extended Version of pdfTex Using Lua as an EDSL.
  3. C Module Implementing the ChaCha Stream Cipher for Lua.
  4. luastatic: Create an Executable From a Single Lua File.

Operating Systems

  1. DexOS: x86 32-bit Video Game Console-ish Operating System.
  2. Xinu.
  3. ToaruOS at Five Years. Note: Video.
  4. House: Haskell User’s Operating System and Environment.
  5. HelenOS.
  6. Cosmos: C# Open-Source Managed Operating System.
  7. eyeOS.
  8. MorphOS: Efficient Media-Centric Operating System.
  9. Symobi.
  10. SymbOS: Z80 Multitasking Operating System.
  11. EmuTOS.


  1. PHP 7.0.0 RC 6 Released.
  2. Httpful: The REST Friendly PHP HTTP Client Library.
  3. Essence: Library to Extract Information From All Kinds of Sites.
  4. PsySH: Runtime Developer Console, Interactive Debugger, and REPL.
  5. PHPixie: Modern, Fast, and Secure PHP Framework.
  6. CLImate: Library for CLI Applications.
  7. Workerman: Event-Driven Programming Library.
  8. phpgeo: Simple Geo Library.
  9. Requests for PHP.
  10. PHP-Mock 1.0 Released.
  11. PHP-Humanizer: Make Values Readable for Non-Developers.
  12. PHP-Depend: Software Metrics for PHP.
  13. CRON for PHP.
  14. atoum: Simple, Modern, Intuitive Unit Testing Framework.
  15. Validator for PHPUnit @covers Tags.

Programming Languages

  1. Avian: Lightweight Alternative to Java.
  2. Dogelang: Haskell-Python Hybrid.
  3. Ravi: Derivative of Lua 5.3 with Optional Static-Type Checking and LLVM JIT Support.
  4. Nim 0.12.0 Released.
  5. Presentation on the ATS Language.
  6. Liberty-Eiffel: GNU Eiffel Compiler.
  7. MCG: Visual Functional Programming Language.

Programming Techniques

  1. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.
  2. An Introduction to Recursion Schemes.
  3. Data vs. Codata.
  4. Functional Programming and Fold.
  5. Rreverse Debugging.
  6. Eventflow: A Functional Approach to Aggregates.

Programming Tools

  1. STOKE: Stochastic Optimizer for x86-64.
  2. scalloc: Fast, Multicore-Stable, Low-Overhead Allocator.
  3. Generate Random Data. Note: Source code.


  1. PyPy 4.0 Released.
  2. Must-Watch Videos About Python.
  3. lfm: Last File Manager.
  4. Devourer: Generic API Client.
  5. agate: Data Analysis Library Optimized for Humans. Note: Relevant blog post.
  6. Brainstorm: Library for Neural Networks.
  7. Guix-Tox: A Functional Version of Tox.
  8. figgypy: Simple Configuration Parser.
  9. aiohttp: HTTP Client/Server Using asyncio.
  10. Introduction to the Asyncio Stack.
  11. Image Duplicates Detection.
  12. Legofy: Make Images Look Like They Were Created with LEGO Blocks.
  13. Python Mistakes That Most People Have Made At One Point or Another.
  14. libtree: Tree Library Running Atop PotsgreSQL.
  15. Improving Readability With Namedtuples.
  16. What’s New in Matplotlib 1.5.
  17. oscrypto: Cross-Platform Crypto Library.


  1. Rust 1.4 Released.
  2. Writing an OS in Rust. Note: On-going series.
  3. lettre: Email Library.
  4. Crate for Developing Pebble Applications.


  1. Type-Folding in GNU Guile.

Web Development

  1. Front-End Developers Handbook.
  2. Servant: Haskell Libraries for Developing Web-Services.
  3. Elasticsearch 2.0.0 Released.
  4. MathJax: JavaScript Display Engine for Math in Browsers.
  5. PyroCMS: The CMS Built for Everyone.
  6. Morfy: Simple, Fast, Flat-File Based CMS.
  7. Gunicorn: Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX.
  8. Grav: Modern, Open-Source, Flat-File CMS.
  9. UltraJSON: Fast JSON Encoder/Decoder in C with Python Bindings.
  10. Introducing the Shadow DOM API.


  1. Screenshots from Developers and UNIX People.
  2. Convert LaTeX Math Expressions to MathML.
  3. TLDR: Community-Driven Man Pages.
  4. TiddlyWiki.
  5. MusicNotation: iOS-Based, Objective-C Library for Music Notation.
  6. LLVM Code Generation in HHVM.
  7. Macros in Lux.
  8. What’s New in TeX: Part 1, Part 2.
  9. PDF: An Operating Systems Vade Mecum.
  10. The tbook System for XML Authoring.
  11. ScreenToGif: Record an Area of Your Screen as a GIF.
  12. WorldEngine: A World Generator.


2 thoughts on “Links of the Week, W45 2015

  1. Have you tried gitit? Since you seem to be interested in wikis with math formatting this week, you might want to take a look. I have been using gitit for a few months now, and so far I’ve found it to be intuitive, reliable, and minimalistic. It’s a great tool for taking research notes!

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