Links of the Week, W46 2015

Coolest link this week? The Analogue Nt. If, like me, you grew up playing Nintendo games then you need to pre-order this thing.

Week 46, 2015


  1. An Introduction to libuv.

C and C++

  1. Complex Numbers Library for C++.


  1. Free OpenBSD and UNIX Shell Provider.
  2. Harvey: Program to Manage and Explain Open-Source Licenses.
  3. CLI for Imgur.
  4. Convert CSV to JSON.
  5. Miller: Sed, AWK, Cut, Join, and Sort for CSV.
  6. Benv: Load an .env Before Running an Application.


  1. Dart by Example.


  1. Neovim 0.1.0 Released.
  2. Slap: Sublime-like Terminal Based Text Editor.


  1. GNU Guile 2.1.1 Released With Full Emacs Lisp Support.

Embedded Development

  1. PlatformIO: Cross-Platform Code Builder and Missing Library Manager.


  1. Analogue Nt: A Modern NES/Famicom Disk System.
  2. Video: Getting the Best Picture From Your SNES.
  3. PicoDrive: MegaDrive/Genesis, MegaCD, 32X Emulator.


  1. Tesseract.

Game Development

  1. Graphics Study of Grand Theft Auto V.
  2. Defold: Free 2D Game Engine. Note: Currently in beta.
  3. Simple Konami Code (And More) Module for LÖVE.


  1. PHPloy: Incremental Git FTP/SFTP Deployment Tool.
  2. gitwalk: Bulk Processing of Git Repos. Note: Relevant blog article.


  1. ad: Library for Automatic Differentiation. Note: An Introduction to Automatic Differentiation.
  2. Implementing a Minimal Version of Servant.
  3. A Lot of Websockets in Haskell.


  1. Collection of Videos from JavaOne 2015.
  2. The Capsule Hash Trie Collections Library.
  3. Reactive Docker Java REST API Client.


  1. JSLinux Rewritten to be Human Readable.
  2. WPF for JavaScript. Note: Relevant GitHub project.
  3. sqlite-to-json.


  1. eazy-opencl: Common Lisp Bindings for OpenCL.
  2. On SpecLisp for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
  3. Common Lisp Implementation of the TextMagic API.

Mobile Development

  1. CodePush: Cloud Service to Deploy Mobile Apps for Cordova and React Native Developers.
  2. Flutter: Cross-Platform Mobile Framework.


  1. The $_ Variable.


  1. Learning to try! Things in Rust.
  2. Dependency Injection with Type Hints.


  1. hateoas-php: Library for HATEOAS Web Services.
  2. Halite 1.0 Released.
  3. Matura: RSpec/Mocha Inspired Testing Tool.

Programming Languages

  1. Big Bang.

Programming Tools

  1. The NixOps Cloud Deployment Tool.


  1. Case Study: IDLE Modernization.
  2. Anaconda 2.4 Released.
  3. Python 3 Cheat Sheet.
  4. curio: Python 3.5 Library for Modern Concurrent I/O.
  5. REMI: Python REMote Interface GUI Library.
  6. ETE Toolkit: A Python Environment for Tree Exploration.
  7. Recreational Maths in Python.
  8. Comparison of IDEs.
  9. Building Data Pipelines With Python and Luigi. Note: Relevant library.
  10. NetworkX: Package to Work with Complex Networks.
  11. Simple Multi-Index Dictionaries.
  12. List of Static Site Generators.
  13. Tredify: Plot 2D and 3D Data Structures From JSON.
  14. ScalaFunctional: Library for Functional Programming With Collections.
  15. Barebones REST Application Stub Using Python, Flask, Heroku.
  16. Building Simple Command-Line Interfaces. Note: Relevant GitHub project.
  17. PyCharm 5 Released.
  18. Tryton 3.8 Released.
  19. fn: Functional Programming Library.
  20. Pigar: Python Project Requirements Tool.


  1. SQLite 3.9.2 Released.
  2. Marketing Attribution in SQL.

Web Development

  1. Let’s Talk About React.
  2. Tsung: Multi-Protocol Distributed Load Testing Tool.
  3. Official List of Media Types.
  4. Understanding JSON Schema.


  1. Metadata Badges for Open-Source Projects.
  2. D 2.069 Released.
  3. Elevator: Team-Based Hiring Platform/Service.
  4. Video: Experimental Music From Short C Programs.


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