Links of the Week, W47 2015

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my programming these days involves Python and PHP. So out of the links for this week, my two favorites are this huge collection of Python videos and this great collection of PHP resources. But I also have to say this Java 8 guide was a terrific find, even though I’m not using Java for anything at the moment.

Week 47, 2015

C and C++

  1. libcello: High-Level C Programming. Note: Relevant blog article.
  2. **The Lost Art of C Struct Packing.
  3. SeeC: Browser-Based Visual C Debugger.

C Sharp

  1. Rabbit: Library for User Authentication Using PlayerIO.


  1. Search and View Snippets From
  2. Code Search: Fast, Indexed Regular Expression Search Over Large File Trees.
  3. Lumail: Modern Console-Based E-mail Client with Lua Scripting.
  4. MarkIt: Command-Line Bookmark Management.
  5. Vicilog: Open-Source Release Notes Generator.
  6. Stall: CLI for Managing Windows Desktop Applications.


  1. Metaprogramming from a Beginner’s Perspective.


  1. x86 Instruction Lookup.
  2. Paradox: Improved M-x list-packages.
  3. color-theme Ported to Emacs 24 deftheme.
  4. gotest: Run Golang Tests.
  5. Continuous Integration Tests for Your Emacs Package.
  6. Use Code Search.
  7. Display GitHub Notifications in the Mode Line.
  8. Mode for TiddlyWiki Files.
  9. Desktop Notifications for mu4e.

Embedded Development

  1. MicroPython 1.5 Released.


  1. Quine for the NES.
  2. GameBoy Emulator in Rust.

Game Development

  1. P.A.W.S: Python Adventure Writing System. Note: Project is quite old and seemingly dead, but its design may be of interest to game developers using Python.


  1. Hooks for PHP Projects.
  2. ghq: Manage Remote Repository Clones.
  3. A Better Pull Request.
  4. Browser Plugin for Hovercards in GitHub.
  5. Using Git to Manage Todos.
  6. GitPHP: Web Front-end to Git Repositories.
  7. Watch a Git Repository for Changes.
  8. pygemony: Create GitHub Issues From TODO Code Comments.


  1. Six Years of Go.


  1. Modern Java: A Guide to Java 8.
  2. Java 7 Prototype Compiler Supporting Lisp-ish Macros.


  1. Haskell in ECMAScript 6: Part 1.
  2. js2model: Use JSON Data as Objective-C, C++, or Python Objects.
  3. JavaScript: Test-Driven Learning.

Operating Systems

  1. The KeyKOS Nanokernel Architecture.
  2. Writing an OS in Rust.
  3. Blog About Developing an Operating System for ARM Architecture.
  4. BtrPlace: Open-Source Flexible Virtual Machine Scheduler.

Machine Learning

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning Using Theano.
  2. Introduction Using Google’s TensorFlow Framework.


  1. Collection of Community Resources.
  2. Payum: Payment Processing Library.
  3. PHP-Git2: libgit2 Bindings in PHP.
  4. An Introduction to Threads.
  5. Climb: Composer Version Management Tool. Note: Relevant blog article.
  6. Serializer: Library for XML, JSON, and YAML.
  7. Void Return Type RFC Accepted for PHP 7.1.
  8. RFC for Default Values in List Assignment Syntax.
  9. Install PHP Mess Detector (PHPMD) for PHPStorm.
  10. Control the Number of TODOs Allowed in Git Commits.
  11. Wrapper Around the Git CLI.
  12. GrumPHP: Code Quality Tool.
  13. newType: Create Opaque Types in a Single Line of Code.
  14. Convert PHPDoc Markup to Type Hints. Note: Relevant blog article.

Programming Languages

  1. Mnemosyne: Functional Systems Programming Language.
  2. Solidity.

Programming Practices

  1. Ten Typical Mistakes in Specs.


  1. Collection of Python Videos.
  2. Ufora: Compiled, Automatically Parallel Subset of Python for Data Science.
  3. Measuring Polymorphism in Python Programs.
  4. muu: Python 3 Decorator Providing Multiline Lambdas.
  5. Expose Functions and Methods as a Web API.
  6. neat-python: NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies.
  7. Newbie’s Guide to H2O.
  8. pipdeptree: Show all Packages in a virtualenv as a Dependency Tree.


  1. cargo-extras.
  2. lrs: Experimental, Linux-Only Standard Library.
  3. Bare Metal Rust: Low-Level CPU I/O Ports.
  4. Better Library for Loading Dynamic Libraries.
  5. Leaf: Modular Framework for Distributed Deep Learning.


  1. PostgreSQL Locking Revealed.
  2. Parallel Queries in PostgreSQL

Web Development

  1. COBOL on Wheelchair: Micro Web Framework Note: Awesome.
  2. GNU Artanis 0.1.0 Released.
  3. VCLGenie: Convert JSON APIs to Varnish VCL.


  1. DevDocs API Documentation.
  2. A Web Whiteboard.
  3. PictShare: Open-Source Image Hosting Service.
  4. Argument Analysis Platform. Note: Source code.
  5. Openduty: Open-Source Version of Pageduty.


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