This brief post is to simply say what many people may have already guessed from my absence all year, on here and on sites like GitHub: I am not programming anymore. I haven’t written a line of code this year, and I have barely looked at any code. Personal complications with my health have pushed me away from computer programming for now. This is not to say that I am finished with programming forever, but I do not see myself returning any time soon this year. I apologize to all of the people whom I have inconvenienced with my sudden disappearance, e.g. especially all the people on GitHub whose issues for things such as PHP Mode I have completely ignored. Speaking of PHP Mode: thank you Syohei Yoshida for keeping things going. And my gratitude and apologies to everyone else while I work through this period of my life. I will return to programming some day, but until then I sincerely ask for your undeserved patience.


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