Here’s an incomplete list of my open-source projects:

Original Author

  1. chance.lua: Lua library that generates random data.

  2. Luvent: Simple event library for Lua.

  3. VortSerĉilo: An Esperanto-English dictionary.

  4. LNVL: The LÖVE Visual Novel Engine.

  5. update-local-software: A non-trivial example of writing shell scripts using the Scheme Shell.

  6. BulletMLX: A markup language for shmup bullet patterns.

  7. Tup Mode for GNU Emacs.

  8. php-auto-yasnippets: Dynamically creates YASnippets for PHP programming in GNU Emacs.

  9. BBCode Mode for GNU Emacs.

  10. save-github-issues: Creates a backup of issues for a GitHub project.

  11. git-ls-github-forks: List forks of a GitHub project from the command-line.

  12. git-branch-notes: Program for storing local notes about Git branches.


  1. PHP Mode for GNU Emacs.

  2. lice: Generates licenses for software projects.


  • Hypatia: Engine for single-player, 2D action-adventure games.

  • log.lua: Tiny logging library for Lua.

  • Awesome LÖVE: A list of resources for the LÖVE game engine.

  • git-tips.

  • Busted: Unit-testing tool for Lua.

  • Solid: Minimalist interpreted programming language with a clean object model and tiny VM.

  • gshogi: A GUI application for playing Shogi.